Gold Smith



Anniek Slingerland is a Goldsmith by profession and has recently established herself in Norwich. The studio is located in a green, inspiring place where Anniek can bring her ideas to life with her handmade jewellery of gold and silver.

She gets her inspiration from nature, traditions and stories from the past. The fact that you can see that it is all handmade is clearly very important to her. You see a lot of ‘disposable’ jewellery that is only intended as a matching fashion accessory. For her, the story, the symbolism and the emotional value of a piece is her motivation to make the finest jewellery.


She is an educated Goldsmith in the Netherlands, where she used to run her own, independent workshop.

Her parents and grandfather were also Goldsmiths. The old techniques that she uses like gold casting, soldering and forging have remained unchanged ever since.

She also attended the “vakschool Schoonhoven” this college was established in 1895 in Schoonhoven.

There she did a lot of research into old craft techniques. This craftsmanship is reflected in all of her work.
She loves that you can see that it is handmade and that each piece of jewellery tells its own story.